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Agriturismo Saturnia - Bed and breakfast saturnia vicino le Terme di Saturnia Il Girasole Terzuolo scansano Toscana

Bed and breakfast in Saturnia - B&B Accommodation and farm holidays in Saturnia, Toscana

View of the thermal baths of saturnia, and free outdoor waterfallsFarm holidays near Saturnia II Girasole Terzuolo Scansano easily to reach ancient villages rich in history as Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana
and Manciano. Top quality farm house with cheap bed and breakfast.
Near the Terme di Saturnia is located (in the city of Scansano), farmhouse b&b Il Girasole Terzuolo. From here you can easily reach ancient villages rich in history as Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana and Manciano, or take a trip to Lake Bolsena and then, visit the beautiful coast of Argentario.
In addition to living in close contact with nature, away from the crowds and stress, the beauty of a farmhouse is also due out around them wonderful places and unforgettable as the Terme di Saturnia or the little waterfalls free of the old mill, or even the old beautiful villages where time seems to stand still ...

Farmhouse bed and breakfast Il Girasole Terzuolo is situated in the southern part of tuscany, in a hilly area of historical and cultural interest, near the Saturnia thermal baths, known as Maremma. Everything here brings serenity and well-being: the hills fade into the horizon, the sounds of nature echoing sublime, the fumes of thermal awaken the senses in these lands and marshes, which were the Etruscans and Romans.
In the farm there is a readily accessible pool that overlooks a beautiful landscape of olive groves and vineyards of the comfortable double rooms and apartments with air conditioning and TV, heating, and safe, as well as a family which we hope you'll love . You just have to relax, we'll do the rest.

Blue apartamentThe apartments are the best solution for those who wish to spend their holidays on a farm in total autonomy at their own pace. If you like, you can cook your own local products purchased locally, or you can simply indulge your taste with dishes that you are loyal. All apartments also feature kitchen, to prepare lunches and dinners. The double rooms are comfortable and well appointed, as the apartments are equipped with all comforts.

Our facility provides customers with the grill outdoors, cook for a wonderful steak Maremma better known by many as the "Florentine". The homemade breakfasts are served buffet until 10:00 am, in the restaurant. Inside the farmhouse, only for the customers, you can taste the typical dishes of the main toscana. Near the farm there are several stables within a few minutes, an important opportunity for lovers of  horses. For lovers of cycling there are marked trails and paths more or less ad hoc short.

Orchidea is our horse
Why a holiday on a tuscany farmhouse? Spend the holidays without stress, relaxed pace, following a healthy diet and lots of activities to be discovered, such as cycling or trekking, horse riding or simply a relaxing bath at the spa saturnia.Living this places that have made these wonderful places around the world in its true essence, discovering rhythms and colors, tastes and beauty. Any ideas? A visit to the village of Saturnia and its artistic treasures and the Porta Romana, the remains of the Porta Fiorentina, Siena walls the remains of an ancient Roman bath (Dry Bath), or the church dating back to medieval times ... The Etruscan necropolis of Pian di Palma saturnia located in the surrounding countryside.

The thermal baths of Saturnia between tuscany farmhouse

A view of the falls free of the mill

The Saturnia thermal baths are known worldwide for its hot sulphurous boric source at 37 degrees Celsius, the undoubted property curative.Saturnia is a fraction of the town of Manciano, located in the hinterland of the village was created Maremma. In Roman times along the Via Clodia (road built between the Via Cassia and the Via Aurelia). The street was a public road Clodia already known at the end of the third century BC as the "way of the spa." This was a road built by the Romans, the Etruscans on a path that follows the route of the existing "Vie Cave". The village lies on top of a hill from which you can see all the famous hot springs, famous throughout europa.Le sulfurous spring water source at 37 degrees and a half, and have well-known properties terapeutiche.L 'water begins its long journey lasting more than 40 years, the slopes of Mount Amiata, where down to a depth of 700 meters, then filters through the cracks of the rock underground, absorbing precious minerals. In addition to their undisputed relaxing properties, the waters of Saturnia are particularly suitable for the treatment of skin and muscle and joint pain, giving comfort and relax the whole body. In addition to the thermal baths of Saturnia (ie health centers), there are the Falls of Gorello, better known as the "Waterfalls of the Mulino", which you can see in foto.Queste are certainly the most famous natural spa Toscana. Unforgettable the bathrooms under the bright moon. Access to the waterfalls is public and free all year. A growing number of tourists throughout the year choose to stay on a farm and prefer these wild places and marshes to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Attractions near the village of Saturnia there is the Porta Romana, the remains of the Porta Fiorentina, the walls of Siena, the dry bath (remains of a Roman bath), and the church of St. Mary Magdalene Church, which was built during the Middle Ages temple on the ruins of an ancient Roman religious and restored some centuries later. The Palace-Panciatichi Ximeses, home of the Governors of the town. Of particular interest is then Bath Holy, holy ancient settlement, located a few kilometers from Saturnia, where they are still the remains of temples and places of prayer.Probably the sacredness of this place where the Etruscans build near the 'original settlement of Saturnia.

Leaving from Saturnia and through the countryside of the Maremma, one can see the structure of Castellum aquarum, an ancient complex of Roman origin used to collect water to be allocated to the population of interest is also the Archaeological Museum, which is exposed within a rich collection of artifacts, tools and objects found in the necropolis near the city, especially from the Pian di Palma and the center donated by the family Ciacci.

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